Diversity and Inclusion

One aspect of Python that makes it one of the most popular programming languages is that the people behind it embrace diversity and inclusiveness. With the help of the Python community, 80 developers of diverse backgrounds were able to attend the last two PyBays. We invite you to participate in this year’s diversity and inclusion outreach!

Become a Diversity Sponsor Contribute as an individual Invite under-represented groups to PyBay Apply for Financial Aid if you need help

Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission

Aside from creating a program that offers unparalleled learning and networking opportunities, we've assembled a diverse speaker and attendee pool (~25% female) to help develop thought leaders representing diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We've also made the conference inclusive to students and people with financial constraints so that they can acquire the skills and networks needed to succeed.

With an incredible line-up of speakers and workshops this year, we feel strongly that we’re well positioned to support more developers, contributors, leaders, and future speakers. We’re eager to raise $20,000 to help underserved folks benefit from this gathering.

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Diversity Speaker

Who might benefit?

  • Main talk speakers needing assistance to attend
  • People from under-represented groups (e.g. gender, color, sexual orientation)
  • Contributors to open source/community who are experiencing financial challenges
  • Students
  • Folks between jobs
  • Employees of non-profits
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Beneficiaries of Prior Diversity and Inclusion Drives

Through scholarships and work-trade programs, PyBay and it's sponsors have enabled 80 developers, 45 devs in 2016 and 35 devs in 2017 to attend our community run conference

Omoju Miller

Omoju Miller

A PhD candidate when she received support to attend the inaugural PyBay, now a Senior Data Scientist at GitHub and a keynote panelist at a recent conference.

Ethan Smith

Ethan Smith

A student at UC Berkeley when he received assistance in attending PyBay2017, Ethan is contributing to static typing in Python and is also speaking at PyBay2018.

Darlene Wong

Darlene Wong

An inaugural PyBay speaker who needed financial aid to attend in 2017 is now helping organize PyBay2018

Abhilash Raj

Abhilash Raj

A student at Oregon State and a core developer of GNU Mailman when he received assistance to attend PyBay2016, Abhilash is now working at Linkedin's Python Foundation Team.

Candida Haynes

Candida Haynes

Delivered a lightning talk on blockchain technology for private data storage in PyBay2016, helped as a session runner in 2017 and is now paying forward as a mentor for software development fellows at Oakland Rising, Las Mujeras Unidas, and Communities United for Restorative Justice.

How You Can Support Diversity and Inclusion

Become a Diversity Sponsor

Want a flexible and meaningful way to give back to the community? Contribute any amount you wish to fund financial aid applicants who meet our diversity and inclusion criteria. As a thank you:

  • $2000+ sponsors will receive a 20% discount on conference tickets, have their praises sung in tweets, and have their logo and blurb featured on PyBay's website
  • $5000+ sponsors will also have their company recognized before PyBay keynotes and guest blog on PyBay's blog about a subject of their choice
Contact us to sponsor diversity

Contribute as an Individual

  • Encourage Python developers, especially those from under-represented groups, to attend PyBay.
  • Register for the conference early to help us meet our target for diversity funding. If you have to cancel, we’ll issue you a partial refund and transfer the rest to the diversity fund. See the ticketing page for more details.
  • Make a donation
At Registration*Skipping PyBay

*As a thank you, we will issue you a 10% refund on your PyBay pass by August 30th if you donate $200+

Apply for Financial Aid

  • Please familiar yourself with the details described on this page to see if you qualify
  • Let us know whether you need 50% ($175) or 100% off the main conference's individual pass
  • Unfortunately, we cannot not reimburse travel expenses nor cover workshops
  • Chances are better for those that apply early

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Companies sponsoring Diversity and Inclusion

Clover Health
Google Cloud
Sauce Labs

How PyBay2018's Diversity and Inclusion Program Works

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