Jessica Forde

Jessica Forde is a maintainer at Project Jupyter. At Project Jupyter, she works primarily on JupyterHub, Binder, and JuptyerLab to improve access to scientific computing and scientific research. Her previous open source projects include datamicroscopes, a DARPA-funded Bayesian nonparametrics library in Python, and density, a wireless device data tool at Columbia University. Jessica has also worked as a machine learning researcher and data scientist in a variety of applications including healthcare, energy, and human capital.

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Zero To JupyterHub with Kubernetes

DevOps & Automation, Intermediate
8/16/2018 | 9:15 AM-12:45 PM | Bloomberg


Want to feel empowered to provide Jupyter to other users, get acquainted with cloud technologies, set up your own JupyterHub on the cloud, and learn how you can customize it to fit your needs? This workshop is for you!


Attendees will learn:

  • What JupyterHub is
  • How does JupyterHub work
  • How to use cloud services with JupyterHub
  • What is Kubernetes
  • What is Helm
  • They will then get to deploy their own JupyterHub on Google cloud using Kubernetes and Helm.

Attendees will be able to customize their: - Authentication (Google, GitHub, LDAP, …) - User environment (Python, R / RStudio, Julia, JupyterLab…) - Cluster autoscaling

Finally, the attendees will get to draw from the instructor experiences, hopefully making an even bigger impact with their own deployments.

Who should attend?

This tutorial will be useful for educators, researchers, IT professionals, librarians, or research computing staff who are interested in deploying a JupyterHub. That could be for their own purposes in research, teaching or industry or for deployment at their institution. This tutorial doesn't require any specific technical skills - we step you through everything that is needed from start to finish. It does require a laptop and a google cloud account to participate in the hand-on parts of the tutorial. Familiarity with the shell, editing text files, and a general knowledge of what we mean by "the cloud" will be helpful.

Important steps to get ready for this workshop:

Please set up a free google cloud account at before hand and bring your laptop to this workshop. We will download and install additional prerequisites together.