Michael Kehoe

Michael Kehoe is a Staff SRE at LinkedIn who works on building scalable monitoring infrastructure, reliability principles and incident management. Michael previously interned at NASA Ames on their PhoneSat project. Michael's key interests lie in network engineering and automation.

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Production-Ready Python applications

DevOps & Automation, Intermediate
8/19/2018 | 10:15 AM-10:45 AM | Robertson


This session is for anyone in the audience who wants to, or does write Python applications that run in production environments. No specific knowledge is required here, however any knowledge of operating a production service would be useful.


In 2016, Susan Fowler released the 'Production Ready Microservices' book. This book sets an industry benchmark on explaining how microservices should be conceived, all the way through to documentation. So how does this translate for Python applications? This session will explore how to expertly deploy your Python microservice to production.