Why Sponsor?

  • 500+ Python devs, the largest Python Devs gathering in the Bay Area in 2018
  • 15,000+ eyeballs through pre-conference promotions at SF Python and related Python meetups’ mailing lists
  • Promote your technical challenges, and network for your next great hire
  • Drive adoption of your product or technical offerings
  • Elevate your brand as one of the most innovative and forward thinking in the Python ecosystem
  • Support SF Python's mission to enhance the Python community and ecosystem in SF Bay Area

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Who attended PyBay 2017?

*Data from 450+ registered guests at PyBay 2017

Expertise LevelBeginner: 8%BeginnerIntermediate: 50%IntermediateSenior: 39%SeniorNon-Technical: 1%
In Bay AreaGreater Bay Area: 3%Bay Area: 65%Bay AreaSan Francisco: 35%San FranciscoOther: 5%
GenderFemale: 20%FemaleMale: 80%Male

Participant's Skills & Interest

WebData ScienceDevOpsTestingHardwareTools100501502002503003504004505005506006507007508008509009501,0001,0501,1001,1501,200298321212231118283

Participant's Background

StudentIndividual ContributerContributes to Open SourceOpen to Job OpportunitiesWorking ProfessionalLeadership ExperiencePresented at ConferencesPublish Tech Blogs or Books100501502002503003504004505005506006507007508008509009501,0001,0501,1001,1501,20051109981433911329760

Sponsorship Opportunities


$ 20,000

$ 10,000

$ 5,000

$ 2,500

5 Minute pre-keynote speaking slot         
PyBay tickets  8  5  3  1 
Exhibit on  Sat 9a-6:30p
Sun 9a-5p
Extra large booth, premium spot
Sat 9a-6:30p
Sun 9a-5p
6’x30” Table
Sat 9a-6:30p
6’x30” Table
36"x84" Pop-up banner on main stage         
100-word desc and logo on pybay.com         
Mentions in PyBay's tweets         
Logo on back of PyBay t-shirt  Large  Large  Medium  Small 
Bag insert OR raffle item  3  2  1  1 
Additional branding options (Choose one):

Bodyworkers @your booth
FRI Opening Reception
SAT Evening Reception
Company Lounge 
Talk Videos

Other ways to Sponsor

Add ons

Logo on Lanyard $1,500
Open Space Room Naming $1,000
Main Talks Room Naming $2,500
Hacker's Lounge Naming $2,000

A la carte

Diversity and Inclusion Sponsors
Help increase attendees' diversity and support students, speakers and open source contributors who need financial aid to attend PyBay Learn More.
Speakers' Lodging & Flight
Help our speakers cover their travel expenses.

More on sponsor's benefits

A la carte sponsors

This is a flexible and meaningful way to give back to the community while working within your budget

  • >$2000 will receive a 20% discount on conference tickets, have their praises sung in tweets and their logo and blurb included on PyBay's website
  • >$5000 will also be the subject of a blog post about their participation and will have their company recognized before PyBay keynotes

  • Sponsor Packages

    Gold and Diamond-level sponsors of food will have their company’s contribution recognized on the projector screens before talk starts and their logo printed on the napkins accompanying the sponsored event. The logo of companies sponsoring coffee will be printed on coffee cups.

    Gold-level sponsors of video will have their company’s logo included in the conference talk video’s introduction, and a link to your company’s URL will be included in the talk video’s description on YouTube. SF Python’s YouTube channel has over 4,000 subscribers, and each talk video from past PyBays has received 5,000-20,000+ views.

    Diamond-level sponsors of body workers at your booth will be assigned an extra-large booth. PyBay will provide body workers to offer 20-minute massages to attendees. Sponsors can chat with developers waiting for their turn or ask them to sign up and be messaged when their turn has come.

    Diamond-level sponsors of Company Lounge will have access to an extra large booth to use however you'd like to draw in attendees: hosted talks, office hours with experts, informational interviews, entertainment... imagine your own meetups within PyBay. This option is ideal for companies with multiple initiatives to connect with Python devs. Your creativity and budget will be your only limits at your company lounge.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the advantages of adding Diversity & Inclusion to our sponsorship?

    • Brand your company in the cause you care about!
    • Benefit from pre-conference visibility as we co-market your brand to drive engagement in diversity
    • Receive a 20% discount on conference tickets
    • Guest blog on PyBay's blog and additional recognitions before keynote address (if you contribute $5000+)

    I'd like to sponsor, what are the next steps?

    Thanks in advance! If you don't have additional questions, few easy steps:

    1) Provide branding info

    2) Pay via credit card or write Grace to request an invoice

    3) Execute sponsor's agreement

    4) Sit back, relax, watch the tweets come in, and start thinking about your in-conference presence in mid-July.

    How do I maximize my exhibit space and time?

    Now: Committing earlier will ensure that you get a table with better location and easy access to electrical outlet.

    A few weeks before: Get a branded tablecloth for your table and bring a pop-up banner that fits behind your table. Gold or Diamond Level Sponsors should print an additional 36"x84" pop-up banner to gain visibility on the main stage. The photos from past PyBays may help you get an idea of the layout.

    Where should I mail the booth swag material?

    Please follow the labeling and shipping instructions here.

    *Please note that this instruction is for shipping booth swag (banner, giveaways, etc.), if you are planning to ship oversized items and furniture, please check with Grace.